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From classic silhouettes to progressive statements, women’s sunglasses are a focal point for any summer outfit. Designed to complete looks, a pair of sunglasses by Loro Piana deliver the final flourish to a plethora of aesthetics. Loro Piana women’s sunglasses, in a wide spectrum of frames, shapes and colours, are optimised and designed for a sharp, and refined outlook.
Women’s sunglasses for every occasion
Loro Piana sunglasses are made to suit the lifestyle of the contemporary woman, who chooses elegance even in informal settings, while never compromising on practicality. The sunglasses are crafted from sophisticated materials, offering the best in eye protection with a versatile, feminine style recalling classic shapes from the archives of eyewear. Loro Piana women’s sunglasses convery personality through a unique, unmistakable style.
Loro Piana sunglasses: The style that women choose
Sunglasses by Loro Piana are a fashion statement that add the final touch of distinction to an outfit. The beauty lies in their simple shapes, and fluid contours, always crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Loro Piana offers women’s sunglasses in different colours and formats (square, large and oversize) and styles (flamboyant, understated and vintage) to the taste and needs of each unique personality. They allow you to explore fashion’s parameters while never looking back.

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