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Cashmere Soap

Cashmere Soap is crafted to give optimal care to the precious natural fibres used in Loro Piana’s collections. The soap is the best cashmere detergent, made with a specific formula that protects noble fabrics to maintain their feeling of utmost softness. 
Gentle, natural action with Loro Piana cashmere detergent
Loro Piana cashmere is made of natural fibres of the highest quality, obtained through a meticulous process of production and selection to guarantee the optimal quality standards. Loro Piana cashmere offers an unmatchable softness and warmth, with exceptional lightness and breathability.
To maintain these qualities without affecting the look, always use the right products for cashmere care. Cashmere Soap detergent was created following years of Loro Piana’s experience in working with natural noble fibres, to give you perfectly clean cashmere clothing without affecting softness.
How to use Loro Piana Cashmere Soap
Cashmere Soap is a mild detergent for washing cashmere and baby cashmere garments, a natural product made with a formula based on olive oil and sugar. Its non-aggressive cosmetic action revives fibres to keep the material’s distinctive softness. It is suitable for washing by hand or machine.
For hand washing, fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of cashmere detergent, soak the item, reverse side out and massage it gently before rinsing; do not rub or wring the item. In the washing machine, the item should be placed in a microfibre bag if possible, then add a small dose of Cashmere Soap and select a short cycle with a low temperature, without a spin cycle.

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My Cashmere Soap Detergent
My Cashmere Soap Detergent


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